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HelperWesley's News

Posted by HelperWesley - November 24th, 2023

Our roguelike game Spent Shells was voted the fifth best game of February here on Newgrounds.

The game was developed in my spare time over the course of a year and took inspiration from a lot of roguelike games that I've played in my lifetime. The game was released for free partly to see if people liked it, but also so I could move on to a different game idea I was thinking of making. But me being away from the game didn't last long...

The game has now been played over 100 thousand times, 27 thousand of those being from here on Newgrounds. After seeing the reaction to this game I made for fun in my spare time, I was approached by an artist that I know named ArtManOil, who asked to join me in taking the game to steam. So now the steam page is live!

The game has gone through a TONNE of work since it's free launch here on Newgrounds.

You folks here on Newgrounds gave me pages upon pages of feedback that I've been using to improve the game.


Everything from game juice to balancing issue, and bugs.... SO MANY BUGS! πŸ˜…


But the game is really coming together now, we've made a number of massive changes to game based on feedback from you folks. So if you find the game interesting, Wishlist the game on steam and follow my devlogs on YouTube. πŸ‘



Posted by HelperWesley - February 19th, 2023

Just Wanted To Say Thank You

My game was played and rated way more than I expected it to!

The weekly leaderboard was just reset, so if you'd like to give it a shot:

The Game

Spent Shells was originally a project I made to show people how to make a player character that can shoot, and evolved in to my own game project that was developed over the span of 7 months in my spare time. I shared devlogs on my youtube channel over the course of those 7 months, and the amount of love the game and videos have received has blown me away!

Check out the devlogs if you'd like:





Posted by HelperWesley - February 5th, 2023

My Roguelike Game Is Out!!!

You can play it here!

I've been working on this TBOI inspired roguelike game in my spare time for around 7 months. It's a top down roguelike with over a dozen different enemies, bosses, medals, leaderboards, unlockable upgrades and characters, as well as a great soundtrack made by Lightspeed6.


The game's art was made using a mix of assets from Kenney's creature mixer, Art Man Oil, and the rest were drawn by me.


The game will be released on a number of other sites eventually, but I wanted to share it here first because I have a real love for Newgrounds. I shared the progress on the game's development over on YouTube and social media. But now the game is finally finished!



Posted by HelperWesley - January 8th, 2023

Almost done!

My game is getting close to "completion", or more accurately I'm getting to the point where I'll stop working on it and say it's done. πŸ˜…


A bunch added!

Over the past few months I've added some more variety to the rooms, characters, guns, and upgrades.



Check out the latest progress update devlog here:




Posted by HelperWesley - September 2nd, 2022

It's starting to look like a "real" game. πŸ€”

I've made lots of tiny games that typically take 15-30 minutes to beat, and some that took a little longer, but this game is starting to get some meat on it's bones. I find myself testing a new feature and then realize I'd been playing for 20 minutes or more, so that's probably a good sign. πŸ˜…

I started working on this little project to show someone how to fire a bullet in the engine I use.

It had just a couple enemies, 1 character, and a simple little game play loop with a leaderboard.


But since then I've been slowly picking at it, and it's blown up in to a full on rogueli*e. (Please don't start that argument lol)

It now has multiple characters, bosses, upgrades, and so on.


At this point the end of development is starting to come in view.

The game is mechanically where I want it to be, I just need to spend time making it look better and then spend some time on balancing the values.


I'm making this post here on Newgrounds because this is actually going to be the first place I'll be releasing the game. I loved Newgrounds as a young teen, and now that I have a job in the game's industry I found myself drawn back here as an adult. Everything is coming full circle and I'm really excited for this game to eventually get played here on Newgrounds. πŸ₯³

If you'd like to see more about this game, I've been showing the process of developing this game on YouTube:




Posted by HelperWesley - August 7th, 2022

I had never taken part in the GMTK Game Jam before, but I majorly respected the event.

So this year I grabbed my favorite pixel artist with "oil" in their name and my favorite musician with "speed" in their name, and took on the challenge of making a game in just 48 hours.(Links to the artist and musician in game description)

We didn't win. But we got A LOT of feedback, and we polished up the game, so now I think it's good enough to share around for people to enjoy! πŸ‘€

Check out the game here:

Check out my devlog where I talk about what's been changed and why:




Posted by HelperWesley - May 1st, 2022

The game now has a boss fight at the end and a boss who, totally not inspired by Will You Snail, triesΒ to predict where you'll move and attack you.


Check it out and let me know what you think!

Game: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/839911

Devlog: https://youtu.be/kGI71Qk9lww



Posted by HelperWesley - April 15th, 2022

After about a month of picking at it in my free time, and with some help from the folks who created the game engine I used, this game can be released to be played with leaderboards! Something I thought was way too complicated for me to attempt on my own.πŸ˜…

I wanted to join Ludum dare 50, but..... couldn't.

So I stole a theme from their slaughter round, and made a game of my own in 48 hours. Because I reject your reality and substitute my own. πŸ˜…

And then, as I finished up making the game, the engine I use GDevelop, created a system for making leaderboards. So I ctrl+C ctrl+Ved that into my game, and BAM, leaderboards!

The game is pretty short, but I hope you enjoy it. πŸ‘



Posted by HelperWesley - October 16th, 2021

Based on feedback I received when I released my Hades-like game, I went back and did a round of fixes to the game. πŸ‘

Check out the Devlog here: